Doctor chooses sun2roof: Clinic and private house turned solar in Bayern, Germany


Miguel Cascarano


June 28, 2022


9:35 am
Doctor chooses sun2roof: Clinic and private house turned solar in Bayern, Germany

Doctors help human beings and meeco was more than happy to help a doctor with a sustainable vision. This project consisted of 2 parts- the doctor’s clinic and his private house. It was a hybrid project which means it was a sun2roof system with a battery storage solution.

Both parts have similar characteristics. A 6,12 kWp solar rooftop system with a 6-kWh battery solution. Each sun2roof system consists of 18 solar modules generating 4,25 MWh per year. Therefore, preventing a total of approx. 5 tons of harmful CO emissions per year. The hybrid system helps the doctor store excess solar energy and use it when the weather is bad. Making him less dependent on grid electricity and saving electricity bills even on non-sunny days.

 “As doctors saving lives has always been our only priority but now not only am I saving people but also saving the environment which gives me a sense of greater pride”, stated the doctor.

meeco and doctors have things in common. While meeco is preserving the environment, doctors are saving lives. Likewise, how doctors are passionate about what they do, meeco is committed to doing everything in its power to safeguard the environment. The noblest profession is that of a doctor, and meeco hopes to reach this degree of nobility by improving the quality of life in this world.

Now it’s your turn to save money on your electricity bill too. Switch to self-consumption… contact us 🙂

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