SunCarrier aviation team is growing




July 13, 2009


3:02 pm

Innovative products need innovative promotion. According to this principle, meeco AG has extended its aviation team by two gyrocopters.

Gyrocopters, also known as autogiros, are helicopter-like, eco-friendly rotorcrafts which are extremely fuel efficient due to a special drive system, which uses the air stream to make the rotors gyrate so that they need the propellant only for their take-offs and landings. Spanish scientist Juan de la Ciervas basic intention, when he invented the autogiro in 1923, was, to develop a helicopter with a lower air crash risk. The result was one of the lightest and smallest helicopters ever, which can be handled quite easily.  The directors of the James Bond-movies, recognizing the advantages and the progressiveness of this invention, used it in their 1967 movie You Only Live Twice as Sean Connery alias 007s getaway aircraft.

Both the gyrocopters are available to meecos partners and clients and can be rented for business and private events.  For more information please contact meecos aviation team at .

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