30 kW photovoltaic sun2live solution in Angola




June 8, 2012


3:52 pm

The meeco Group to install 30 kW solar and 80 kWh energy storage solution

The meeco Group has successfully agreed a transaction for what will be the first sun2live TM project in Angola (South West Africa). In a country with some of the best yearly solar radiation values, the installation will combine 30 kW of photovoltaic solar power with a state-of-the-art energy storage solution in order to ensure 24/7 energy availability.

sun2live TM is The meeco Group ’s small-to-medium scale energy generation and storage solution for both grid-connected and off-grid use.

“sun2live TM solutions utilize photovoltaics as the primary energy source and the latest energy storage technologies to ensure availability throughout the day as well as under cloudy/night-time conditions”, explains Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group.


Acting as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution, sun2live TM provides electricity to households, businesses, clinics, schools and communities dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult- to-maintain power sources. These modular solutions of The meeco Group utilize the latest solar power generation (ground or roof-mounted) and a variety of energy storage technologies to meet specific needs.

“Our solutions incorporate the best elements of our global capabilities: Swiss design expertise based on over 100 installations worldwide, German engineering and quality from over 250 MW of operating power and our local customer service. These strengths, combined with our attention to detail and project management expertise, ensure sun2live TM solutions are delivered on-time and on-spec”, Mr. Trutschler concludes.



Download the new sun2live TM brochure.



Greensavers online magazine talks about The meeco Group sun2live solution in Angola.



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