Autonomous and mobil photovoltaic system in Aigrettes island (Mauritius)




March 31, 2014


3:29 pm

meeco-Mauritius-PV-installation (1)


On the Aigrettes island, part of the Republic of Mauritius, SETL meeco installed 18 photovoltaic iKube F150 panels that are able to produce up to 3 kW. They replaced the old photovoltaic system which was outdated and not sufficient to meet the power demand of 25 hectares of the island. The installation made with silicium monocristallin modules contains batteries able to provide energy 24 hours to all employees who are working for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation . Thanks to this new installation, the employees can use electricity for their daily life activities.
The Aigrettes island is a natural reserve and an eco-touristic site which is trying to preserve the environment and its wildlife. It is one of the last eco-system in Mauritius which is almost intact for more than 400 years. Therefore, the silent, compact and clean SETL meeco installation fits perfectly in the environment while still improving the life of the island’s inhabitants.


SETL meeco-Mauritius-presentation
Prakash Ramiah, Assistant General Manager from SETL meeco (left)
Jean-Hugues Gardenne, Fundraising Manager from MWF (center)
Philippe Genoud, Chief Operating Officer from SETL meeco (right)


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