The meeco Group and SOLMAIOR, Lda. sign cooperative agreement – Companies agree to jointly develop clean energy projects in Africa




September 27, 2010


9:02 am

The meeco Group, a Swiss company with offices worldwide, and the Portuguese company SOLMAIOR, Lda., are pleased to announce its cooperation in developing, constructing, and maintaining small and large-scale renewable energy projects. This collaboration combines The meeco Groups leadership in clean energy with SOLMAIOR s energy infrastructure and project management capabilities.

SOLMAIOR, which is partially owned by Exergia S.A. , has been searching for a partner with the experience and expertise to bring together and coordinate all aspects of clean energy projects. At the same time, The meeco Group has wanted to establish a stronger local presence in various African countries.

This cooperation with SOLMAIOR will help us serve the Portuguese market and African markets such as Angola, Mozambique, S. Tomé and Príncipe, and Guinea-Bissau– the so-called PALOP countries, explains Dieter Trutschler, member of The meeco Group Board of Directors. While there is a huge need for electricity in these African countries, reaching many areas with a reliable grid or consistent supply of diesel fuel is extremely difficult. Leveraging our clean energy expertise and SOLMAIOR infrastructure capabilities and local relationships, we look forward to providing cost-effective energy solutions to these countries.

For the Angolan market SOLMAIOR will use the local partner SOLX, Lda.

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